TwoX, tell me stories about feeling totally lost, alone, and overwhelmed and then something good happened.

I'm gonna do this in bullet points.

  • May 2014: Contract job runs outs. I become unemployed. Move into a new apartment.
  • July 2014: Still unemployed. Girlfriend breaks up with me. It is not mutual.
  • Early August 2014: Girlfriend wants to get back together.
  • September 2014: Get terrible job at a call centre as a tech support specialist. Start working nights exclusively. Begin to lose contact with most of my friends.
  • October 2014: Girlfriend breaks up with me again in a really insensitive way. I'm still kind of salty about the whole thing. At this point I start getting drunk almost every day.
  • December 2014: Sending out tons of job applications. Being driven crazy by weird hours and insomnia. Get a nice job offer, high-effort application process that took about a week. Hooray! I quit my call centre job. Offer was rescinded when they lost funding. Got call centre job back. Utterly humiliated. Cut myself again, once or twice, but threw away the razors. Bad decisions in December all around.
  • January 2015: Happy New Year. Spent it on the phone with a dude screaming at me about his router. Mid-January, things start looking up. I get a job offer from an awesome company, and get everything in writing.
  • February 2015: Started new job. Amazing people here. Flexible hours allow me to reconnect with friends. I was worried that people would "side" with my ex, but they all reassure me that they like me all on my own (and my ex kind of ended up alienating a lot of people with her behaviour). We start hanging out regularly.
    March 2015: I'm settled at my new job. My friends and I are closer than ever. I've repaid all of my debt from the long unemployment. I'm back to my flirty self too, and playing the field - I've got two dates this week alone, and a couple fun arrangements with some couples (hehe). While the drinking isn't totally under control yet, it's getting a lot better.

It was really, really hard to do. I was very depressed for a long time, even before I lost my job, and I worked pretty tirelessly to get the new one. I think it's about inertia - the worse things are, the harder you have to push to get things rolling in the right direction, but sometimes all you need is one success to start putting things back together. Take it one day at a time and try to make a little progress every day. And don't be afraid to reach out! People appreciate it.

It will be different, but it will be OK.

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