regarding Evolve and TRS...

Honestly I think that a lot of people fanboy over it a bit too much. Here is a conversation with my friend that has a BIG tendency to fanboy over a LOT of stuff. Like completely deny that it has ever had problems whatsoever. We give him crap about it all the time so he has gotten a little better with it.

Me: So are you having fun on evolve? Him: yeah sry Me: No problem. Him: really intense match just wrapped ukp Me: No problem. They nerf that pay2win monster? Him: its not really pay 2 win lol wraith is free for everyone who has the game Him: but they did tweak her Me: Me: I'm just going off of that. Him: and unfortunately due to the backlash it feels like the new monster behemoth is underwhelming Me: Plus I remember they had it as preorder monster. I remember me and (other friend) went up against it a couple times. Hated it lol. Him: that was only the beta Him: in the main game she is free Me: Okay good. I remember they got a TON of shit for it. Glad they changed it once they saw the backlash they got. Him: the new monster behemoth is a paid dlc Him: but since everyone complained so much about wraith he is literally worse than the free monsters Him: well yeah wraith is better now Me: Yeah? Meh. I honestly think the dlc monsters should just be reskins of the normal ones. Him: but its asymetrical gameplay bound to need a few tweaks Me: That's just me though. Him: why? then the game would never get more complex Me: I usually think that microtransaction stuff should only be looks. Him: i definitely wish they were cheaper but id rather have actual new content Me: They could easily just add more different monsters to the game for free and then have the dlc monsters still be reskins. Him: wouldnt sell nearly as much Him: wont happen Me: That already made more than double what it took to make it, back. So money isn't really needed honestly lol. Me: I mean if they are greedy then yes. But if they just want the game to have a good community, especially when they already made way more than they put in back, then no. Me: I mean in physical copies alone they sold 300,000 in the launch month. Him: trying to find actual sales figures. cuz i remember ppl saying they were low not high Me: Steam sales were low. Me: Actual physical sales were very high. Especially considering all the backlash they had. Him: Him: yep Him: i'll be honest though. my biggest annoyance is how slow patching has been up till now Me: Yeah. Been hearing about that. Him: which is almost entirely because of microsoft blegh Him: microsoft has some stupid patch certification process that makes it take forever to allow a patch. so even though it was ready for pc forever we had to wait on the xboners Me: Holy crap. They made 37,145,580 off of the game so far...jesus lol. Him: good marketing Him: evolve hype was everywhere for a month or two before release Me: Honestly I think the DLC backlash helped them a lot as well. Me: Got more people to play it to try and hate it lol. Me: Any press is good press lol. Me: Oh jesus. That post was made back in Feb too. That means that made more than that. Me: Gimme money Evolve. Him: whatever dude got 70 hours on record. enjoyed most of it. Him: was able to kick wraiths ass pre patch (I remember it was rare that he could do this because he would complain about it as much as we did.) Him: im totally fine (You never say this randomly when you are actually fine.) Me: Cool cool.

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