U.K. Government rejects immunity for public officials who blow whistle on child sex abuse

Hijacking top comment because my story is some what similar. I was involved in a covered up pedophile ring in the states from 2003-2008. I tried 4 times to report my abuse to the police the first three times I was threatened by the police to "just fucking drop it" the 4th time the man was at my house and I called police saying I'd blow his head clean off, the responding officers couldn't locate a single report regarding the suspect Eric Glosson, but he left before the police arrived and ran to utah.

The police often know about pedophiles just as the Tucson PD knew about Eric Glosson as early as 2003, but I know of kids that had reported him earlier than that through the TUSD where Eric Glosson worked as a Councillor four a couple years. The main problem with pedo's is the police departments trying to protect they're cities image and nothing more, TPD repeatedly drove me to the edge of county line, put me on probation where my PO told me I was in serious trouble and told me to run away. In 2009 I tried to move back to Tucson when I was hit by a car on my way home after I had just gotten done spending thanksgiving with my bro I had no phone and it was late, the few cars I tried to hail for help drove past me suffering from concussions I did my best crawling home along my Toole Avenue route to my south side home when I saw a semi truck, I got in the cab and was blowing the horn and talking on the radio asking for help, the truck driver showed up and I was covered in blood, gravel and urine the cops when they arrived instead of calling an ambulance treated me as a drunk driver where I spent the next 4 hours in they're custody, I had a resting heart rate of 214 and was in a psychotic state by that time. The cops were told then and there it was a miracle I was alive. I spent the next 2 hours strapped to a bed until I was released on my own cognizance.

The police only care about how they look and they banked on the fact that no one would care about me, tell the world they said, they'd never have to deal with repercussions.

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