UK XB1 user buying game from US store

That will be why nobody ever commented on or voted it then. I can see it fine - there's nothing on there to tell me it was deleted. Seems stupid - gonna contact the mods to ask why :(

Pasting it here for info:

Support: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. Please give me a moment to review your question.

Support: Hi, Danny! Sorry for the wait there. I see you had a question on buying games from other regions to take advantage of the prices, correct?

Me: That's correct

Me: The website lets me change region, and I can see games are sometimes cheaper in other regions. I'm wondering whether I'm allowed to buy them at those prices.

Me: I can't find anything in the terms that say I must buy from my home store; but I wanted to check; I don't want to do anything that might be against the rules.

Support: Okay. So if you change the website region, you still may not get a billing account for that region. Though, you can change the locale on your Xbox One to get put into that region store. It's not against the terms at all, but you will have to have a way to pay in that region. Meaning a way to use that type of currency, as well as have a billing address for the Country.

Me: I have family in the US; who could buy me Xbox credit in USD as a birthday present - so this would work; and I would be allowed to use it to buy games from the US version of the store?

Support: Yeah, that would work fine. They made it so you can change the locale of the console, rather than have to migrate your account, which you can only do once every 3 months. But as long as you can get a billing account for that region and a valid payment option, you should be good.

Me: Would I be able to play games bought in both regions (US and UK) without changing the console locale; or will it only let me play the games bought in the specific region at any given time?

Me: I don't want to buy all my games from the US (I already have some from the UK); so it's only worthwhile if I can just buy one or two from there and still play all of them :-)

Support: The games should be region free, so as long as that game is available in both markets, you can play it from either locale.

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