Unjerk Thread of April 29, 2020

I posted this to the toxic community of r/BanVideoGames and the [r-word]s wouldnt read it because "I'm not reading your pro-gming, pro-racism, pro-violence propaganda. Gming was created by the devil and it even says it in the Bible!!" literally the response of the [r-word] there.

​ Why? Why are you guys like this? Its ok to speak your opinion, but come on. Wanting to ban something because its popular or because people like it is like wanting to ban face masks during this time. When everyone is stuck indoors, they have nothing to do, so they just play video games in the meantime. When video games were not a thing, most of you would probably play board games. Video games are basically the same, they are also games. However, not everyone has another person to play board games at home. Some people do not have board games at home, and the only thing for them to do is to use what they have. Those people would not go out and buy games at the local Walmart or Target, because of what is going on right now. Most people, and I need to clarify, MOST people are perfectly sane playing calming and relaxing games, or ones that are challenging. Some people play games just to have fun with their friends, who are way too far away for them to play board games. Is that something to hate? Is that something that you hate so much that you have to create a cult against? Just hating people who have fun playing games? In your second rule, it says, No Violence. However, most of the people here call gamers, or people who play games lifeless and holding the society back, and give a lot of violent online hate. When joining something like this or creating something like this, look at the big picture. You people are focused towards the negative side of games, which is believable. With some games, it is fine to see the negativity and want to ban it. However, you people here want to gat rid of video games altogether. There are millions of other video games that have a great community, are very positive, and teach a philosophical lesson. Video games were not created to tear people apart, they were never created to cause insanity, they were made to just make friendships and have people have a small goal in a game. This subreddit should look at the positivity before making a decision. Sure downvote this. Its you who has a different opinion. Why do you think people should go to prison for that? I was only being toxic because of this community. I do not call myself a gamer because I'm terrible at them. I just play them for fun. Is that too much to say?

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