URGENT - The City of Elk Grove will Execute Our German Shepherd Puppy Tomorrow, We just want to be heard in court and are asking for Sacramento's Support. We aren't a wealthy family but we've spent every penny of our savings to save him. We just need your voice, so ours can be heard in Federal Court

You’re missing the point I think, but it’s complicated, which is normal.

  1. They took Zeus based on her not “complying” with the guidelines, however they showed up on the last day at 3pm, unannounced, to see if she complied. She called them the day before, went there the day before, called the morning of, nothing.
  2. The only reason the second bite happened was because they broke rules (they admitted to this) in training and was caused by the above action that was incorrect in the first place.
  3. We aren’t trying to adjudicate the bite, what we are trying to do is stay is his execution (and pay for his $10 a day to stay at the shelter) until these issues a amongst dozens of other issues are heard in court. That’s all. They are rushing it for no reason.
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