GSEC President & CEO Barry Broome Says Greater Sacramento Gains National Notice for Best Place to Move

Barry Broome is the boomer, and trust me, he's not looking out for Sacramento. He's looking to make his board of "41 CEOs" richer. Don't get it twisted. He works for them. It's great that people are finding Sacramento welcoming and a fun place, but it's not great when they come here with their pockets full from bay area jobs and then put cash offers in full on housing that sacramentans are struggling to afford down payments on. We need our 41 CEOs to pay us higher wages in step with inflation, not create more jobs by persuading Bay Area firms to move their HQs and their staff with them here to take up all the housing that is relatively affordable to them. My comment about the uhaul data source refers to the fact that Barry has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a stat that will somehow paint his harmful gentrification impacts in a less negative light. He's not doing good economic development. He's doing gentrification 101.

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