Well, looks like we are back down to a “Moderate Drought”

I'll hit you up now that things have settled down and you won't get the attention or virtual signaling that you hoped for......

Think about this s*** for a minute The end of the world has been prophesized since the '70s when this all began..... The predictions they had didn't come true in fact as you know bringing up old points... It was first called global warming and when that didn't work out they changed it to climate change yada yada yada.... Who the f*** falls our God?

It takes an imbecile to think about this master plan right!.... Let's gather a bunch of kids that we control in room for 8 hours a day and tell them what to think...... Poof suddenly they have no thought over their own!

I know you drank the Kool-Aid I get it but let me leave you with this....

If you look at the kind of people that voted me down they're the same people that voted up on the comment above me... Within one or two...seriously,?

You guys are f****** robots! Get a f****** clue

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