USA: Sikhs prepare over 30,000 free meal packets for Americans in self-isolation

I'm glad that a lot of people have very positive things to stay about Sikhs. Our religion has always been very open and considered people of every religion to be equal. Punjabi diaspora has been really successful but I would really want to bring your attention to what is actually happening in Punjab - the 'home' of the Sikhs. Almost everyday a farmer in Punjab kills themselves and about 2/3rd of households have someone who is addicted to drugs-mostly heroin. We are considered to be the bread basket of the country as most of the people are involved in agriculture but we have a huge problem regarding depletion of groundwater. Excessive use of pesticides has caused Punjab to have one of the highest rates of cancer in the country. Most of the youth wants to go abroad as they don't see any future in Punjab anymore. The government has waged a war on drugs but doesn't seem to understand the real cause of drug abuse. Mental health is non existent and unemployment and boredom breeds drug abuse. People who can't make the cut to go abroad either get involved in drug abuse or end up being unemployed. Why is no one talking about all this? I was born in Punjab and ended up moving abroad but I'm ashamed of where our state is headed. We were supposed to act as a 'model' for rest of India to follow but the corrupt politicians have destroyed the land of the five rivers.

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