UVic administration, students respond to alt-right posters found on campus

TBH, I think the guys behind this are just trying to generate interest in their podcast and their Patron/PayPal donations. One of them has the persona of a "conservative columnist" (lives in Victoria, too) with no anti-Jewish in his public facade. The other one also has a history at nominally right-wing outlets in the past, and has built himself up as a podcasting expert. His personal website or blog is full of technical podcasting tips. Once again, no "white power" to be found.

But they both are linked to the Rebel, which had been pushing "white power" until Charlottesville. So it is not inconceivable they are behind these posters.

I doubt they would want to be outed. There is also no direct link to the two guys I researched and the posters... just a website URL on the posters. So anybody could have put the URL on the poster, not just them.

Still, I am a bit of a connoisseur of alt-right memes and talking points. For various reasons I have a number of online "friends" and contacts who are Trumpists and frequently regurgitate dog-whistle, alt-right almost white power memes.

It wasn't so bad before the election last year, but they have shown their true colours since Trump was elected. Educational, for sure (I understand the grammar of their memes, including this poster), but also quite fucking sickening.

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