When are we going to start protesting the lack of medical access in Victoria?

Not a practicing doctor or anything but fairly close with a couple in family practice and otherwise. The short answer pay them more and more will come.

They will be retiring soonish if they ever can. They can't even get locums (the person who comes in to cover while you take any time off) let alone someone to take (not buy) their practice. They get paid like shit compared to if they were doing surgical assist or anything. It's ridiculous how they are only paid for seeing a patient nothing for the time spent doing everything that is not in front of a patient like talking to specialists for patients or doing paperwork/keeping their records up to date.

This is why some doctors will machine gun out patients in 2 seconds. Also, they only get fully paid for the first thing on your visit. If you came in with 3 things they helped you for they get half pay for thing #2 and #3 so they are incentivized to make you come back a second and third time. (I think this is changing with the new payment system).

When they changed the classifications for how many patients constitute a "full practice" it turned out they had something insane like 2.5 practices worth of patients, all the local doctors are like this.

Apparently, they are updating the fee structures for family doctors which will hopefully be good but they just need to be paid more if you want to fix this, it's literally the only thing that matters.

Also, the UBC med school cut back the number of students like 20 years ago and we are getting hit with that now as well. Make more scholarships for anyone willing to do it.

Pay them more and more will come.

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