Why do voicemails continue to spend 20 seconds instructing the caller on how to leave a message?

While out camping with a friend (we had separate tents) late at night a bear had decided to come sniff around my tent. I knew what to do if I was walking and saw one, but what do you do when your're trapped in a tent with limited movement and with a difficult escape? (Like having to undo the zipper if I really needed to get out). So I just laid there for LITERALLY hours with the bear just wandering around my tent, breathing heavily on me (I could feel its breathing through the mesh netting that was directly above my head). It grunted, nudged my head a couple times with its nose and clawed on my leg that was plastered up against the tent wall, I was trying so hard to not emit my humanly scent more so I was not moving a muscle and had my head under the covers and barely taking any breaths. The bear made its way down to my feet and I really do believe he nibbled (like a small taste bite, kinda of like a warning bite that parrots do). I was so sure he would next take a big bite and rip my legs off. All I could think of the entire time was who would take care of my dog, hoping that my fam would be just as lovey dovey with him as I am and that my family would have to come identify a mangled body if there was a body to identify at all. I also was thinking of just screaming my ass off to warn my friend in the next tent, because well if the bear is occupied eating me, I might as well go out saving my friends life, kind of like being the distraction while she escapes. Lucky for me, the sun started coming up and the next campsite over made a lot of noise and started their super loud truck revving the engine and the bear ran off. All I saw by the time I was able to lift my stiff and body (I didn't notice the entire time I had tightened every muscle up) up and peeked out through the mesh netting was this fury butt running away into the wilderness. I will never go camping again, I think that situation has sparked a form of anxiety that I didn't know I was even capable of having. Ever since then I sometimes wake up with a sense of panic and I can't bear (no pun intended hehehehehhehehe) to walk into A Bass Pro shop or handle seeing bear related things too much.

Still think bears are bad ass though.

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