Wander vs all Endgame - State of Wanders in 3.7 and going forward

Here's the actual reddiquette:

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I can see why people have downvoted it. You started and made the video out with the doom and gloom statement that the playerbase think wands are in a terrible place and are overblowing how bad they are. But the only one ranting about this is yourself. We all know wanding isn't meta, but no one is in here crying about them being terrible. Wanding is just a B-class archetype at the moment. It's not terrible, it's perfectly serviceable and with a massive pile of investment, the end-game can be done with it.

Your video clearly doesn't contribute to the subreddit though, it's just a giant long complaint vid with a series of clips showing that with heavy investment, wanding can do stuff we all knew it could.

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