Wanting to make a vegan youtube/would anyone watch?

Yes! I'm always looking for new vegan channels, mostly ones that stand out recipe wise. There's such a wide variety of vegan styles, some channels focus mostly on the cheap, simple side of veganism (heavily rice/noodle based), some focus on the greener side (raw), and obviously the more upscale version that consists of relatively in depth cooking and recipes. I'd love to see more people do the in depth style as I love cooking and actually spending time in the kitchen. I feel a mix of these would hit a wide variety of people and make your channel unique in a way!

Another aspect to having a cooking channel, or a heavily cooking based one, is that you can be really involved with your audience. You can have them send in recipes for you to modify and test, you can ask them for their favorite genres of food and make an entire episode based on those cuisine styles! It seems like a wonderful way to expose more people to veganism, if that's your goal!

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