Wednesday whinge - fuck baby shops

It all depends on how you much importance you place on top of the line items as according to your disposable income. If you feel you want everything brand new and top of the line AND you can afford to, go for your life!


Car seat: get this brand new if you can. A convertible rear facing is sufficient. Unless you really want a capsule that goes with an expensive pram system! Capsules can only be used for a short period of time.

Pram/stroller: a good condition second hand is fine. If you really want a brand new one, you can always wait til after baby is born? You can use a wrap or carrier as some babies prefer it in the first couple of months. Well if you’re interested in baby wearing that is. I think you might’ve missed the baby expo. The stall holders usually get rid of their demo stock at heavily reduced prices so they don’t have to cart them back.

Cot: a good condition second hand one is fine. Like grub said, just buy a new mattress.
A cot with adjustable height is good.

Moses baskets etc only last for a short period of time and babies outgrow them very soon. If you really want to, you can get a cosleeper bassinet that attaches to your side of the bed if you want the baby close.

If you’re doing a baby shower/gift registry, the other bits and bobs would be gifted that way.

If not, you seriously don’t need to go crazy on the purchases.

Get lots of terry towels that are used for cloth nappies. They’re good for burps and spit ups.

Babies outgrow their clothes very fast. So don’t buy too many of the one size.

Congrats and good luck!

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