Well I'm a newby to the game. So here is my list of questions I could use some help with.

Wow! That's quite the wealth of questions. I'll try to answer them as best I can.

  1. Type /p then hit enter. It will change that to your default (for that session).
  2. I hear the best is miner, but I'm not much of a gatherer myself yet.
  3. Not really. People will always think jobs are overpowered, it's really hard to measure, especially when everyone's working together. The best DPS class is monk, for example, but that doesn't mean they are the only DPS class you want. Each has their strengths.
  4. See above.
  5. Job levels are tied to their base classes level. If you level to 31 on a black mage, your thaumaturge level will be 31 as well. This is only really significant for scholar/summoner as they are two jobs with the same base class (and thus share a level).
  6. This isn't really a problem on my server at all, but you can make a macro to blacklist the last person to tell you automatically. I think it's /blist <r>
  7. All crafts are useful. Especially because if you want to be serious about crafting, you need the cross-class skills all the other classes offer. Just pick one and go for that first, whichever you like best. They're all good.
  8. Not really a question. I love the armoury system though.
  9. Only YoshiP knows.
  10. Get someone to meld materia for you - a friend, or pay someone to do it. Or buy gear with materia already in it.
  11. Yes, if you drag the entry from the gear set list, it will turn into a hotbar icon you can put on any hotbar, which you can then bind to a key.
  12. Depends on the server, but most people tend to stick to FC chat and linkshells.
  13. People hang out in Revenent's Toll in Mor Dhona, but it doesn't offer the same amenities as the 3 major cities, so people will usually pick one of those to hang out in. Personal preference, probably varies across servers. On my server, all the cities are populated.
  14. Safe keeping? If you sell something on the marketboard, the gil will go into your retainers inventory first, and you have to retrieve it. There's no real point except for organisation I suppose.
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