23 Years Later, Kurt Cobain's Comments on Rape Are More Relevant Than Ever

I am a male, but I care about this issue deeply, so at the risk of getting blasted for it, I want to leave some honest comments on this issue.

I think the linked comments by Kurt Cobain represent the dumbest, most simplistic view of the issue possible. It is largely the view of today's feminist leaders, which is why it was posted here. But I am here to tell you this belief is garbage from a practical standpoint. You cannot reduce rape by "teaching men not to commit rape." At least not in the short term. Sure, over generations we can teach men to respect women and reduce violent crime rates. Violent crime rates have already gone down a lot in the last few decades - along with rapes. But here is the thing: men who commit rape do so despite rape being a serious crime punishable by decades in prison. They do so despite rape being morally abhorrent. This means we have pretty much reached the limits of deterrence. You just cannot stop some rapists through "education".

So what can you do? The most practical thing is to teach women to avoid risky behaviors that make them vulnerable to a rape. But we can't do this because today's feminist leaders have foolishly and maliciously labeled this "victim blaming". And they have relentlessly battered and attacked anyone who attempts to make this distinction. It's infuriating, insulting, and dangerous all at the same time. I believe the constant shouts of "victim blaming" have led to more women needlessly being raped. I consider this a great crime of modern feminist leaders - a betrayal of women on a grand scale. The reasons why they have chosen this path are complicated and not worth the discussion because it will detract from the main point: which is that the "victim blaming" label might feel good and send a thrill up your leg when you say it, but it is largely counter-productive and often turns would be allies away from the cause.

The truth is that women are never to blame when they are raped. But what about a man who is violently mugged and beaten to near death? No one would bat an eye and shout "victim blaming!" if you point out perhaps he should not have been walking around in a bad neighborhood at 3 AM in a dark alley wearing an expensive suit. That is what is called risky behavior. And just about everyone on Earth understands that and knows to avoid that risky behavior. But if a young woman allows peer/social pressure to override her good judgment and she goes upstairs, alone, to the bedroom of a frat member she just met - we are never allowed to mention that the behavior was risky because - victim blaming! To those men who really care about this issue and do not live in the bubble world that modern feminist leaders have created, this situation is very dismaying.

I will close by saying there is a strong emotional attachment to the victim blaming shouts because it keeps the focus on the male perpetrators rather than focusing on the victims, which feels wrong. That feeling, however, is wrong. It is an emotional response that will get you nowhere. The practical, effective response, is to ask where rapes can actually be prevented, and in the vast majority of cases, the answer is in changing the behavior of the victims. It is the only behavior that can actually be altered. And just because feminist leaders refuse to accept this obvious truth does not make it any less of a truth.

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