Best of /r/DataIsBeautiful Nominations (August - December 2014)

So I spent several hours working on a post and I submitted it to /r/dataisbeautiful.


It was on the top of the sub and had over 50 comments. A mod already approved it.

It's a default sub so I was on my way to /r/all with my OC.

A mod comes at me later with this:

This is an automated message. We are running a data visualization competition on /r/dataisbeautiful today. All posts are blocked for the day -- no exceptions. This post has been removed. Please try resubmitting tomorrow.

Okay, first of all, I am not an idiot. I know it's not an automated post.

Second, that's no way to run a default fucking sub.

There was no announcement.

Posts were not disabled.

Other people in the thread PM'd me their disbelief at the thread's removal.

I PM'd the mod team and explained that I had worked for a few hours on my OC and I purposely waited for a Friday morning to post it because I knew that would be the best chance for the content I made to get seen.

I made it for people to see it and talk about it. The discussion was really good.

I was told to post it tomorrow.

I explained that not only will I get sent to downvote hell for "reposting," but Saturday's aren't good. I worked for a few hours over two days to make this post.

It was on the top of the sub and on its way to /r/all. It would've been over 2000 karma plus comments.

I also explained how I felt it's really unfair to remove the post for a contest when there was, and still isn't, an announcement, and submissions weren't (and still are not) disabled.

I even asked if I could be in whatever the secret contest is.

I was told "no exceptions" despite the fact that a mod had already approved it.

This is no way for a default sub to act.

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