Went to museum and they had a working piano they had this sign

Sadly I’ve witness this happen for guitar as well. There’s a guitarist for a semi-popular band in my area for local shows who pretty much just plays for an excuse to get drunk and be a jackass to the crowd.

I’ll never forget a time we opened up (we were in two different bands) a show for Whitechapel at a hole-in-the-wall abandoned building turned club and after stumbling through a set list he chucked his empty bottle into the crowd and shot his middle fingers up (whilst stumbling and definitely drunk). But not in the “fuck yeah this is metal” kind of way. Dude was a mess. Nearly saw him get knocked out in the parking lot by a pissed off fan as I helped our drummer load his gear from out back in to the stage. Dude had a legit “fuck everyone” mentality. Fortunately nobody wants to play with him anymore.

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