What achievement are you most proud of that no one really cares?

I painted the hood of my wife's car due to rust and hail damage.

I had to do it under every inclement condition imaginable short of rain and I burned vacation hours to do it. Landscapers (dust), construction guys nearby jack hammering porches (dust) Dog walking loooky-Loos (interrupting my coat timing). My neighbor with a black car who came home early (overspray issue)etc etc

I used a year of office hooky- playing watching body work YouTube vids. I sold shit from previous hobbies and cleaned cars part time for the $1000.00 bucks in decent hardware.

Color doesn't match well. A small corner got smudged when removing plastic tarp. But motherfucker, it's not bubbling or peeling due to systemic contamination and the body repairs are invisible. It took way too long to polish, but polished and shiny it is. And you don't notice any problem from 20 feet away.

Hell, a body shop left a visible, unfeathered patch of body filler previously.

But like sand through the hour glass, I will be simply compared to a pro body shop. "That color really off...."

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