What Aggravates You The Most While Playing STO?

I’ll put in one for the list to sum them all up: that Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment does not take its feedback unless they are pressed up against a wall or just lacking in ideas.

The T6 Saber and Nova are great, the one thing that got me interested in returning. I did, but now I once again see old habits dying hard. Some might argue that they aren’t obligated to have to answer every single demand the fans have, but we just wish to be treated properly when there are severe issues at play. I’ve seen the corporate ladder be mentioned when they were pushed up against a wall with the bundle fiasco, but that just brings part of the issue with PWE, as the devs are still clearly at fault.

Is it really so hard to ask them to fix core issues with not just their business practices, but their games as well of their own free will? The fact that the answer is yes, and that this question, to me, has to be asked, says more than enough.

TL;DR: STO’s biggest problem that aggravates me is that they see all these issues players point out and will do nothing unless it gets what the devs, Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment deem to be “unbearable”

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