What are the most essential books on meditation if you had no other resources?

Wow, it's funny that I see this here today. Today was supposed to be day one of no internet, television, drugs, or other distraction for me. I feel I use all this stuff to fill a void Inside me, and was set to go on a sort of "at-home-retreat" to confront myself and my recent addictive behaviors.

And then I fucked up, looking up on the internet whether or not It's good to re-use a coffee filter (it will work if you don't have anything else), and suddenly I'm back on reddit!

Internet addiction can really mess with you. Right now I'm reading a book called One Breath At A Time: Buddhism and the 12 Steps. I had some past experience with doing too many drugs, and over the past years even after quitting, my addiction has lived on through things like the internet, smoking too much weed, and all that sort of escapist stuff. You know what I mean, I'm sure.

But, this book is really great, even if your not a drug addict or a Buddhist. It shows how meditation can slowly lead you to overcoming your addictions, and it provides some good course corrections for not getting hung up in your meditation practice. I recommend it for anybody, although its more about the longer process than about technique.

Also, don't get caught up in reading too much either! It's good to read, but the main thing is to confront the void in your life that you were using the internet to fill!

Life is an adventure, and all of our distractions keep us from seeing it. Try this: turn off all distractions, and then just sit, near a window, and let yourself be bored. Don't meditate just yet, just relax and let your mind wander, and look at the outside and your surroundings. Let it sink in real good. That's what your missing. Distraction keeps us from always being in that sort of richness. But when you stay off of all the distractions, you get a deep sense of continuity, and your "present moment mindfulness" has a chance to really deepen.

And with that I'm out. Thanks for the reminder. I don't know what the fuck I am doing here. With any luck, I will not return. Keep up the good work OP. Don't Fuck up on day one like I did.

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