What are you sick and tired of hearing about?

This is pretty much exclusive to reddit, but the Australian national sub /r/australia has been overrun by political discussion and I am just sick of hearing about how my country is burning down to the ground because of one year in a new government.

I'd guess conservatively that at least half of all the content is politically based in the sub which would not be an entirely bad thing in itself but it's the way the discourse is conducted. There is very strong left leaning bias (Labor Party) which is entirely ok, but the sub has also bred a culture of consistently down voting contrarion views and anything that doesn't fit the accepted narrative. This means any pro-Liberal discussion or postive news articles are immediately cast down, it's very hard to engage with the sub if you are consistenly harrassed because "Fuck Tone is a cunt" and anyone who can even slightly rational his policies must be a cunt also.

For those unaware, our current Prime Minister Tony Abbot is doing very poorly, going back on a lot of promises and cutting a lot of services for budgetary reasons while repealing a Carbon tax that could have earned federal revenue. He is not very popular at the moment and the sub makes that clear.

But it is entirely impossible to go into a comment thread and have a decent discussion with other users, most threads have divulged into comments like; "man fuck these cunts" "Gee Hockeynomics strikes again" "Tone just needs to give out more scholarships" "This is why I voted not COALition" and other basically circlejerky comments opposing the government and I'm just fucking sick of it.

The sub decrys the propaganda of the Murdoch empire but barely look beyond the words of The Guardian or Crikey. Half of them seem to genuinely believe a youtube comedian is making insightful points about society and politics when he makes 9th grade conclusions and plays up shitty stereotypes about voters and Aussie people. If an article or title condemns the government or an MP it will shoot up to the top of the sub, you'll often see 400+ upvotes with 20+ comments, because most don't even bother to think or click past the title.

The sub hated when our former Prime Minister was satirized and mocked for her red hair and large hips but don't mind taking Abbot down a peg about his big ears and budgie smugglers while being completely hypocritical in the process. If you read the comments you'd know anyone who votes Liberal must a be a beer swelling white trash bogan with no morals while anyone who votes Labor/Greens is of course a politically read, well minded and socially conscious person who sees through the illusions of the Darth Rupert and his evil Abbot cronies.

There seems to be one good mod and a handful of decent users on the sub but the vast majority are just these spiteful, aggressive users who tumble over themselves to make snide jokes and update their witty personal flairs. I am just absolutely sick and tired of reading it all and hearing about Abbot in their narrative. I just want my national sub back to when it was classic jokes, pictures of our countryside, beaches, people and good positive discussion with other Aussies.


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