Matte Black Calf Viberg Service Boot for Notre - pictures and first impressions

Introduction: Hello, I'm Bergolies. Some of you may recognize me for my incessant questioning of the latest Viberg makeup, but I'm happy to say that my thirst has been finally quenched.

Due to a limited budget, many sacrifices had to be made in order to afford Vibergs, so I wanted to make sure that the pair I chose would satisfy my desires and then some. A big part of this desire was boots with exclusivity, or a unique makeup that would separate my footwear from the rest if you saw me in the streets (as if Viberg didn't do that alone, right?).

I knew I wanted a black boot, and I knew I wanted Viberg, but the rest was up to whatever caught my attention. Along came theViberg Service Boot in Matte Black Calf collaboration with notre that caught many people's attention (mine included). I ordered them Friday, Dec 12th and received them Thursday, Dec 18th. It was nice to have found a pair that I wanted and wasn't part of an MTO so I wouldn't be part of that long-dreaded wait.

Below you will find a brief writeup and my first impressions of these beautiful creations, as well as fit pics with various outfits since I haven't had the chance to write this until now and it's been almost a week since I got them.

Specs (from notre website):

  • Made with Italian Matte Black Calf (guidi)
  • Gun-Metal Eyelets (7)
  • Black Full-Leather Midsole
  • Sitting Upon the Dainite Sole
  • Unstructured Toe
  • Comes with Two Sets of Leather Laces (pictured)

Unboxing: I had a really nice write up in this section and it was lost when my Chrome froze, so you will have to settle for this remake for the sake of my frustration. Luckily I had a partially-saved draft that had a decent amount on it, otherwise I would have rage quit altogether.

A friend asked me to record the unboxing on video and, after seeing it myself, I think you guys will enjoy it as much as I did and I encourage you to do the same in future FI posts.

Even though they were listed as unstructured, the visible line in the toe box leads me to believe it's partially structured. Here's an example.

Here is the video of the unboxing, and here is the album of what was within.

Sizing: I went with the general recommendation to take half a size down from your brannock, so I ordered an 11. While it fits fine, I think for my next Viberg I will be going a full size down since I like a snug feel.

For comparison, I wear an 11.5D in AE Strands and Fifth Avenues, and the in-store apparatus at Red Wing measured me at a size 11D, which then prompted me to try IR's in 11D and they fit like a glove.

Final Thoughts: The leather on these is truly a sight to see. There are streaks visible on the leather which seem to be part of the finishing process which probably give it the "matte" characteristic? Here's a closeup of what I mean. It also has a chalk-like dryness to it that adds to its spectrum of color variation and has me hesitant to apply conditioner, so I'd appreciate it if you

The construction is nothing short of remarkable and I am incredibly pleased with my purchase.

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