What are your daily observations? - 13/04/21

It's great that people are getting out and about. The owner of my favourite born-from-the-pandemic online candle store has been going around the charity shops in London looking for jars and other fancy containers to add to her upcycled candle collection and posting her finds on Instagram. Good for her, bad for my bank account!

About going out and making plans: I am finding the social pressure comparable to when I stopped drinking in my late teens. People end up getting a little bit pushy. I find it really stressful, but I'm trying to ignore it and do things in my own timeline - i.e. meeting a friend for a nice walk around the park this weekend. Baby steps, eh?

My boyfriend is joining his tennis club again. I'm toying with the idea of a Park Run group. Zero experience, but I really want to run a half marathon at some point in my life.

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