What are your top 3 favorite fragrances and why?

1 Burnt gunpowder- What can I say, nothing like the smell of burnt gunpowder in the morning. In all actuality I enjoy the smell because it's in my roots. I've been shooting since I could safely hold a little .22 rifle my grandpa owned. He taught me how to shoot, I remember loving the smell of gunpowder back then. Nothing has changed except that he's not here anymore. The love for the smell only grew since he passed.

2 Fresh air- Kinda broad but it fits. Everything from rain, empty pasture, and the woods. I guess nature would better fit it but fresh air ties it all together.

3 Lemon- I just really love the smell of lemons. Kinda keeps me balanced. I normally keep a diffuser running with lemon essential oils. Smells heavenly in my house haha

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