what is the best cartoon ever?

I'll go out on a limb and say that if Batman Forever and Batman & Robin had taken themselves more seriously as films and had better writing, there would have been great potential in exploring the Bat Family there. I'm honestly okay with an adult Dick as Robin; hell they pretty much gave him the Nightwing outfit in the next film. A scene like this for example I really liked:

Dick: Bastard! It should've been you! If you had told Two-Face who you were at the circus...they'd still be alive!

Bruce: If Bruce Wayne could've given his life for your family, he would have.

Dick: All I can think about every day is getting Two-Face. He took my whole life. When I was out there tonight...I imagined it was him I was fighting...even when I was fighting you...and the pain went away. Do you understand?

Bruce: Yes, I do.

Dick: Good. You must help me find him. When we do...I'm the one who kills him.

Bruce: So, you're willing to take a life?

Dick: As long as it's Two-Face.

Bruce: Then it will happen this way: You make the kill. But your pain doesn't die with Harvey, it grows. So you run into the night to find another face, and another...and another...until one terrible morning you wake up and realize...that revenge has become your whole life...and you won't know why.

Dick: You can't understand. Your family wasn't killed by a maniac.

Bruce: Yes, they were. We're the same.

Dick: If we're the same, help me. Train me, let me be your partner.

Bruce: No. I can't. You still have a choice.

Dick: Look, Bruce...I'm a part of this, whether you like it or not.

And then the rest of the movie is about Bruce accepting that he is absolutely going to be a part of this kind of life, but trying to guide Dick away from a path of revenge. More of that, less camp, and the Bat Family can absolutely work on screen.

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