What is the best health insurance plan?

Unfortunately, you are in trouble with this. The main enrollment period is over until November. If you had insurance through work, you could get COBRA, but it's expensive and limited. You might be able to enroll if losing a job with insurance is one of the exceptions for the enrollment period. Otherwise, options include short term coverage through the common insurance companies in your area, like Blue Shield, or joining a faith based medical cost sharing group. The short term coverage doesn't count as sufficient for the Obama Care minimum coverage and you pay a huge tax penalty for the time until you get a job with benefits, but it is regular coverage with only standard restrictions. The faith based one requires you to join a church and tell them which one, plus they don't cover anything that they feel is sinful- abortion, prenatal care and pregnancy if you aren't married, immunization shots. They do get you out of the tax penalty.

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