This is what we want Brandy:

Well i'm sorry if you believe that pressing all flasks at once and using a movement ability is in any way meaningful . The point is in how you interact with enemies. You press 1 button and everything explodes 1 screen away or something, this repetition it doesnt change in 99% of the content, nothing matters just how quickly you get from point A to B and destroy everything in between. In D3 at times pulling multiple rare/elite packs couldve spelled your doom, you have to react to affixes, the combinations could create unique encounters. Waller, arcane, jailer etc -there is nothing like this in PoE.

that pressing all flasks at once and using a movement ability is in any way meaningful This is Diablo combat, except I'm pressing electrocute, WoF, meteor and Arcane Torrent instead of flasks. They're auras that I have to pop on a pack to maximize my CDs, that's it.

at times Sure, years ago. Again, Diablo affixes have not been a thing players look at, outside of level 1-10 in a new season maybe, since Inferno was unnerfed.

Diablo also does not have meaningful combat like this, the only reason you push your secondary 'damaging skills' is because they provide a giant multiplier to your main dps. Like auras, except I don't have to smash them every time they're off CD or I walk to a new pack.

i see no evidence of that. Do you know how silly that kind of reply sounds? You just came up with bullshit excuse to dismiss, disregard such prevalent , popular opinions on POE and offered no argue against them. It's just ad-hominem.

I'm not going to take 3 month old opinions on a constantly updated game to heart, especially from a thread that has people arguing against whatever points had been made. If you want to cherry pick comments from a thread that recieved a mediocre response at best, go for it, the same can be done for Diablo a hundred times over.

You don't feel rewarded as much for trading for an object. If there's a chase unique I want, that costs me 100 exalts, I work hard to grind up to 100 exalts in order to buy it. None of the process of getting to 100 exalts feels particularly rewarding, and once I buy it, I don't feel the euphoria of having acquired it, because I fully expected it. I didn't grind mindlessly until it randomly dropped for me (biggest rush), nor is that a reasonable expectation with a lot of the drop/craft rates in this game.

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And this is exactly why slowing down the game doesn't make it more engaging. I highly suggest you go through and actually read this thread, instead of assuming everyone in it shares the same opinion and taking responses out of context.

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