What did your roommate from hell do to earn their title?

Had a housemate that was also my landlord. She'd try to do scuffed renovations by herself to reduce costs.

When she decided to remodel the bathroom she cut all the tiles indoors with no ventilation, leaving a thick layer of dust that remained after multiple cleans.

She used my cloth kitchen towels to clean wet silicone and when I asked her to replace them she dismissed me because they looked cheap.

She'd also leave her tools and left over materials laying in the living room for the next few months once she finally finished. After I got sick of looking at the "decorative living room sledgehammer" and piles of trash, I asked her when she planned on removing them, she then claimed that it was my job to clean them up because she simply didn't want to take her car to the dump to get rid of them.

Also the result of the renovations just generally looked bad too. :(

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