What does it mean when someone says to you that "You're Being a Gemini right now" ?

I am trying sleep and listening to something on spotify right now. And a thought came to me in passing.

My boyfriend and I had a small argument a few weeks ago and in the middle of our argument he said "You're being a Gemini right now"

Now I'm curious what he meant by that and I tried looking it up on google without any positive results so can someone please explain to me what it means being a "Gemini"? I don't think he was talking about astrology because I am not a Gemini.

I don't want to ask him about it because he is asleep now and It's like an itch that needs to be scratched.

So I appreciate all immediate answers.

Thank you :)

Side note: He's an American living on the East Coast so I guess its a common term for them.

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