What famous person did horrible things that people largely forgot about?

i'm a straight dude who has been sexually harassed by both women and men and it's not fun either way. once had a boss that begged me to not quit by saying, in front of the entire department, that if i stayed she'd give me a bj every day. i didn't stay and she was fired a few month later. as a server, i've had my ass grabbed and all sorts of weird comments and innuendos thrown at me. i also lived in Seattle at the height of the Capitol Hill gay scene and was constantly propositioned. i'm not a big guy and had this one leather daddy constantly pick me up and squeeze me. once had a cool conversation with this guy at a bar about the old gay scene and when he offered to take me home i told him i was married and he cursed me out and called me a breeder. being desired is flattering, to a point, but it also fucks with your head. anyone who tells you that guys would love being constantly hit on hasn't ever had to deal with unwanted attention.

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