what the hell is wrong with americans

Just Dropped My Dick Into the Vagina. Unforgettable. It Was Like A Scene From a Really Great Porno.

This is in North De Anza Boulevard, San Jose, behind the Starbucks, tonight, 4:30 p.m.

I walked the ten or twelve blocks or so from my house to the Starbucks. Along the way on De Anza I joined a group and was increasingly joined by more people that turned out to be headed for the Starbucks. There were a couple dozen of us by the end. Condom on, we said nothing. Grim determination.

We turned to go behind the Popeyes and there were more of us there, one after another, or in pairs, putting dicks in her big ass with a kind of subdued fury. There was the occasional "Thank you." Sometimes there was, for an older person, spontaneous clapping. There was this undercurrent of goddamn joy and my eyes were wet. Everyone is wearing a condom.

There were children accompanying some of us, there were different ethnicities, but I've never seen an orgy like this one before.

We nodded as we headed out our separate ways. I realized that I had been waiting four fucking years to ejaculate.

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