What highly illegal thing took place at your high school?

Probably the kid with counterfeit money.

This guy showed up sophomore year with a really nice car, had a heavy accent and was super mysterious. His parents were some sort of foreign dignitaries working with one of the big universities in my city. This guy got in with all kinds of groups. The drug/party folks, the car guys, etc and he bought all kinds of shit. He would take groups of people out to eat, bought car audio stuff off other students, bought huge amounts of drugs, etc. This is all in the first month or two of the school year. He always seemed to have a few thousand in cash on hand.

Anyway, one day we go on this art class field trip to a museum and the attendant at the museum used a pen on the money he gave them and it came up fake. He made a big scene, got security called on him, and got taken back to school. By the time the rest of us got back from the field trip he was gone forever. A kid who worked in the office said they searched his locker and it was full of bags of counterfeit money. Word is he was arrested then had to get handed over to a federal agency because of his family’s visa status, then had to leave the US.

In subsequent weeks it became clear that all the money he spent was counterfeit. People who sold him electronics had been ripped off, drug dealers got in trouble with their suppliers, a bunch of people got banned on sight from some restaurants.

Shit was pretty wild.

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