What isn't Gamergate?

It is though because sjw doesnt actually mean anything everyone has a different definition of what makes someone an sjw, some people think the most lukewarm progressive ideas about gender is "sjw" and everyone has a different idea about what is "too radical" or whatever makes an sjw, I'm an sjw because I'm a "tumblarina" and am a bunch of different things like trans and otherkin etc.

I agree to an extent. It's the same with the question "What is GG about?", you will get tons of different answers, but there is always one common thread, GG cares about ethics and intellectual honesty.

Same with SJW, you will get tons of different answers, but there is always one common thread: SJW's believe in the notion of "privilege" based off race and gender (Despite the fact that one of the richest celebrities in the world is a short black woman, that one of the most influential video game designers of the early 90's was a woman, that the chancellor of Germany is a woman, that England has a QUEEN, that the President of Mexico is MEXICAN, the leader of Japan is JAPANESE, that my current boss is Mexican, my former boss was Black, and all of my supervisors are Mexican, ect ect), and that if you are a "Cis" White Male, you are the scum of the earth and should be belittled, castrated, and spat upon, because they are clearly so very privileged (proof of this privilege is the fact that I have lived in poverty my entire life), and that scientists should be shamed and ridiculed if they dare to wear tacky T-Shirts.

If you are transgender, you are transgender. If you are gay your are gay. If you frequent Tumblr, you frequent Tumblr. Race and gender has nothing to do with if you are what is commonly referred to as a "SJW". Therefore it is not a gender or race issue.

"sjw" is a meaningless scare term, often the ideas of what makes an sjw come from trolls, that happens a lot.

Same seems to happen with GG.

anyway gamergate is full of people who spout slurs or otherwise bigoted jokes\things etc, thats not something you can deny, thats not a safe environment for a lot of marginalized people including myself.

Same thing happens in my every work place I have ever had, same with happened with my friends in school. Same thing happens all over the internet. If you are offended by someones sense of humor, well, oh well. I am sorry you are offended, I refrain from making rude jokes around people who would be offended by such (One of my qualms with GG is they would tear me to shreds for that respectful view). But the fact is that in a public place, friends should be allowed to joke with friends however they want. An off color joke does not make a person racist or bigoted, I'm sorry. If I was in Nazi Germany during WW2, I would be gassed. Ain't going to stop me from making holocaust jokes.

anti sjw means anti people who are labled as sjws, who is labeled as sjws? marginalized people, trans minors who are "special snowflakes" and get harassed for existing...

I entirely disagree. SJW's refer to what I said above, those who believe in this notion of "privilege" (by the way, I think for a better theory you want to be looking at Class systems, because MONEY is the deciding factor in someones special treatment, not race), or sometimes to Radical Feminists.

its not a bunch of white straight cis dudes as some people apparently think??? for some reason?

I don't think I ever said all/most SJW's are straight white men, but the majority I have come across on my internet travels and brawls have indeed, at the very least, been white.

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