What was it that lead you to say the meanest thing that you have said so far?

Our high school did senior standout awards like best dressed, most likely to succeed, etc. I was best friends with these two girls who I'll call Sam and Kate. Sam, who was top of our class, participated in a lot of clubs, and played sports, deservingly, won the most likely to succeed award. Kate wasn't at the award ceremony and texted our friend Brittany asking who got it. Brittany tells her it was Sam, to which Kate responds "ewwww" about her own best friend. She had hoped that she would win the award. Sam and I read this message ourselves so we are justifiably pissed at Kate. Kate was our friend but, in hindsight, she was shitty. She was also in the top 10 of our class, but not because she deserved it. She often copied other people's homework. She lied on her college applications saying she was in all these clubs that we knew she wasn't because we were in those clubs. (she even asked me, is it okay if I put that I'm president of the international club on my application? I was president of the international club and was denied admission to the college she applied to with this false information, but whatever) She made our friend Brittany break up with her boyfriend because she didn't like him. Brittany has poor self esteem issues and Kate was constantly putting her down and telling her how dumb she was in front of other people. She constantly skipped school claiming she had migraines when we knew she was just bumming around at home. We witnessed her slap her own mother in the face when plans didn't go her way...long story short she was a garbage human being.

So after this award ceremony we had about four weeks left of high school. Sam and I aren't very confrontational so we don't say anything to Kate about this but we're clearly not as friendly to her as we were. It's the last week before graduation. One day after lunch (where we sat together) she comes into English class where we were writing papers and says to me with tears beginning to fill her eyes "so, I hear you hate me" Me: still typing my paper Yeah Kate: loudly so the whole class can hear "would you care to explain why you're such a bitch?" Me: well first off, you're a scumbag for saying eww when your best friend won most likely to succeed. Two, you're a liar for various reasons I don't have time to explain. And lastly but not least, you're a bad person who treats her friends like shit to make herself feel better. I'm embarrassed to have ever called such a poor excuse for a human being my friend. Now, excuse me because, unlike you, I actually am going to turn in my paper on time instead of faking migraines to get extensions." I turn back to my computer and continue typing like nothing happened but I was scared shitless that she was going to beat my ass in this classroom or something

She stormed out of the room almost fully crying. People clapped. My teacher talked to us and we verified with texts that she really had faked her migraines to get extensions on her papers (for which he knocked her down a few grade points). She didn't come back to school that day. We graduated. She went to the nice college that we both applied to, but her GPA was too low after one semester and she was put on academic probation and had to switch into a different major. She lost all of us as friends and it looks like she lives a pretty sad life now. I don't want to say she deserved this, but I'm glad she isn't breezing by in life anymore.

It's probably not the meanest thing I've said, but I felt really good telling this bitch what's up.

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