What is it like being an electrician?

imo your biggest advantage right now is time.

if you do not mind physical work, aim to work harder when you are younger and save everything you can. get as many certifications, and work as much OT as you can stand. When you are older you have more options, you have your savings, and your earning power will increase.

If math is a concern but electrician is a passion for you, commit to do anything you need to improve your math. Don't let math pwn you.

i also wouldn't limit myself to only considering electrician, but looking at trades as a whole. Maybe welding carpentry, pipefitting, hvac, insulator? there are shitloads of trades that may be a better fit. since you're young you can afford to switch to a completely different trade, or aim to get multiple tickets.

i think you may want to consider trades as a career becuase you are trained as you are making money. by the end of your XX apprenticeship, you will have years of income, and hands-on experience. imo this is the big advantage trades have over a college degree.

good luck - i am only starting out too but electrician seems to be working ok

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