What Made you Fall in Love with XIV?

There are many great things about FF14 :

  • 1-char-does-it-all,
  • some variety in content : you grind in all of them, but the form is a bit different, it's not just run dungeon 300 times to finally get that one drop
  • MSQ : never really cared about story in MMOs before, I would watch cutscenes/cinematics to get the gist of the story. I went the extra mile to read all dialogues and such, and yes, the story is enjoyable... to the point I fish for secondary dialogues (from characters involved with ongoing MSQ but not the one you talk to to advance it) and some of them are fun or even a bit savage.
  • The community : ingame, it's better than in past MMOs (the community has its flaws, but it's still miles better than what I had experienced before).

The game in the end spoiled me so much that when I tried to play back one of the previous MMO I did play, the first group content I entered I got irritated by people's behavior (drama, insults, speedrunning corridors to boss thus killing people out or blocking them out of the entire fight, 1 wipe = people leave etc) and nawped the hell out.

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