What made you switch?

I switched because Windows 10 wasn't to my liking. It tried to be both touchscreen and desktop compatible. This is just a UI annoyance though.

What really was bugging me was having to do all my tweaks after the big patches on Windows, the annoying store apps that I don't use and the telemetry/spying.

I always wanted to go to Linux and tried Ubuntu flavors in the past but gaming-wise I always went back to Windows.

Now with Proton, DXVK and Lutris + Manjaro, I could finally make the switch and make my games work easily without all the annoying stuff with wine and tweaking (thanks community!).

So now I am full-time on Linux since November last year and it is the best feeling ever.

I have a desktop ui again that is made for my mouse/keyboard, there is no spying and tons of bloat in the background sucking up resources and I got the best looking dark theme I ever wanted.

I just my OS the way I like it, something that is impossible/almost impossible to do on Windows (and what you can change with Windows is usually a hacky affair and tend to break very quickly).

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