What makes you hate Elon Musk?

All due respect but the environmental aspect is idiotic. It shifts the burden of addressing climate change from industry and government (where it belongs) to the individual (who can do fuck all about it). A higher use of public transportation in one country won't do anything of significance to protect the environment.

Further, on a related note, the west isn't a major contributor to climate change. It's other parts of the world doing the majority of the damage. And in all cases, again, it's governments and industry that are causing the trouble. Individual people largely are not.

As if all that wasn't enough, cities would have to be wholesale redesigned. Assuming that's even possible (which I'm not taking for granted), someone is going to have to pay for that. And "the rich" are sort of notorious for avoiding that sort of thing. And in this specific case, I honestly wouldn't blame them for not wanting to fund a completely pointless moneypit like the one you're advocating.

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