What is the MCU's greatest strength?

It's also why you can have minor players like Hawkeye and Black Widow feel like a crucial part of the team instead of extraneous or tacked on

Marvel characters are really plain shells that can fit into any movie, it's not a bad thing, just what they think they needed for their movies.

Cap in. How own movies is very different than whatever he is in age of ultron and civil war. This Cap would never best up good people just to help his buddy escape. They turned a Patriot who killed hundreds for his country without questions into an anarchist who don't want to be submitted to authority at all. He fought avengers, multiple govts and UN for his assassin friend.

Same for tony, that characters keeps jumping line bw a person who won't trust got ever to a person who would literally imprison and beat his good guys for govt, cz he likes govt authority.

Its too out of character for both. Cap would be the one that says, Tony, you need to be put into prison. Tony will then fly to wakanda with BW and SW.

Are you kidding me? They both are tacked on. They can't fight other avengers that's why they had that bad one on one fight scene in the avengers and again got paired for that weird are we still friends fight.

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