What medications are you on that actually help with social anxiety?

This is slightly controversial, but it's my experience, so I'll share it. I abused adderall illegally for about 2 months at the end of my last school year. I was feeling very emotionally unstable, very anxious, paralyzed from demotivation, and depressed. Over those two months my life sort of turned around: I became able to deal with my daily responsibilities, I felt a very strong desire to socialize with people. I felt less stressed about school and about social situations. I felt more in control of my life and my emotions. Everything I did and every day of my life felt full of meaning, and I stopped feeling like nothing mattered. I became more and more confident as the period wore on, and I socialized and put myself in scary situations to a degree I'd have never thought possible beforehand. I stopped taking it at the end of the school year. The withdrawal was mild, and I never craved it afterwards. I didn't take it for 10 months after that, and I stayed in a state of less anxiety, less stress, more contentedness with my life as it was, more reason to live, and my feelings of depression dissipated over the next few months, and never returned. The time since then has been a state of absolute bliss and peace with everything about my life. Freedom from stress and depression is just so invigorating that I've sort of become lazy about improving myself in other ways; I'm just so much happier than I was before. My anxiety is lower but still ever-present, although much less debilitating than before I used it. I've just started taking it again, because I want it to motivate me to reach out and socialize with others more. Even though I'm feeling more self-confidence and less anxiety, I still feel the urge to avoid others simply because it's easy and I'm used to it. So, I'm hoping the drug will force me into it again, as it did last time.

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