What was the most badass moment of your life?

Similar story. It was my first year at the school and I was rather unpopular. I was the youngest in my 10th grade class, introvert, sorta nerdy, you picture it. I was that kid with a briefcase instead of a backpack, so you can use that to measure my social standing. We had monthly assemblies, and it was announced that student council elections would be the following month. I had a good amount of time to prepare and decided to run for treasurer. Upon registering for the elections, I was informed that 2 other kids would be running against me, both having attended the school for a long time. One of them was in 11th grade and pretty much everyone knew him. Big, threatening guy. The other candidate dropped out as soon as he heard this guy was running. Me, being little, but not a little bitch, decided to continue running. One day, I am in the elevator with big threatening guy. He looks at me and tells me I have no chance of winning, or something douchey like that. I pretended not to care, but god it made me so angry. Fast-forward to election day. I get called up to the stage along with the other candidates. The secretary candidates presented their usual speeches and then it was my turn. I walk off the stage, plug my phone into the speakers and play a beat. I then proceed to rap about stacks, racks, and everything not associated with being treasurer. People were applauding and I couldn't hear the beat, so I messed up in the first 10 seconds and politely told my fellow students, teachers, and administrators to "shut up". I then reset my beat and started over. Finishing my wonderful rap, I walked off the stage to get my phone, as the school went wild. People were applauding, whooing, laughing, shouting my name. It was amazing. I guess it was just a funny slthing to see the quiet kid do something like that. The kid that assured me I had no chance was up next. Halfway through his half-assed speech, he was interrupted by someone shouting "VOTE FOR FRENLY!", followed by applause. He ended his speech, then walked back up to the mic, saying "vote for frenly" as he admitted defeat. He knew he had no chance. Proving someone wrong like that feels unbelievable. The rest of the day was magnificent. I got rounds of applause upon entering classrooms, I was escorted to the front of the lunch line, students and teachers told me how ballsy it was. At the end of the day, I was informed of my victory, since then, I've made a ton of friends and I would say that my life is better.

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