[WP] When people die, they are judged by God to either restart their life, or go to heaven. Write the story of a guy who has been reincarnated the most.

"Is there another way?"
The question was flat, free of affect. It was though it was asked without a care as to the answer.
"You must understand my role as the Judge only allows me to weigh your life's actions. You must live another life to learn the higher path." The voice was as hollow as might be expected for an eternal being in the back drop of a living universe. "No, I mean, is there another god? Or gods? I mean, Anubis is supposed to judge, as does Wodin. No offense, of course, its just..." "No, we are all just facets of the same God appropriate to the time and culture you were born to. There is no way to move on, except through me. We have met many times before, and will meet many times again, each wearing different faces, but each time you have been found wanting. Each cycle your records show willful disregard to my laws, yet your actions speak to a greater kindness. Either to people, or animals, or to the universe as a whole, you seem to want to do good, but in all your iterations thus far you have shown absolute disregard for my laws and authority and my will. I want you to join us. It is your purpose to join us, but for the last hundred thousand years you have lived and died and disregarded me to your own purpose."
"What do you mean thus far? Are you not without limit? Have you not seen when I will join you? Even if I will join you?"
"The problem is free will. I created you with free will, so I can not see a single future in which you choose to join me. I see all futures, and all possibilities. It is my duty to guide you in every universe to strive for the higher paths, ones in which you strive to a purpose outside of yourself."
There was a pause. A million stars lived and died and galaxies wheeled while seconds passed. "I can remember most of my past lives, here."
"This is intentional." "I'm not a bad person." "We know."

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