What is the most fucked up thing you have seen?

I saw a couple on a motorcycle skid over the center line of the road right into the front end of a jeep wrangler when the road was a little damp after a light rain. The road curved, and they were speeding a bit. The bike went under the jeep, the two riders went over. Helmets, shoes, and various bike pieces went everywhere. The jeeps driver was a teen boy who literally had zero chance to avoid them. Both of the riders died, the woman on site and the man in the hospital later. The woman was VERY obviously dead, immediately. I won't go into that. The man's condition wasn't any better, but he lived just long enough to be declared dead at the hospital instead. They were wearing t-shirts and blue jeans, and their clothes were shredded. It was fucking awful. I was maybe 19, riding in the back seat of my dad's car.

I refuse to get on a bike and it terrifies me when people I know do.

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