What is the most fucked up movie you've ever seen?

Palm trees and power lines.

My gf and I decided to pick a genre and look up nothing about the movie or the reviews so there's more surprise. For some reason plex classified it as a drama but it was beyond horror. It's worse than any horror movie because it's a more realistic fear.

It's about a pedophile who grooms an underage girl who literally looks like she's 14. The sex/rape scenes are vivid. And the guy ends up human trafficking her. It was so bad we had to look it up to make sure the actress was over 18 just to make it bearable to watch. Then we thought it's probably a good message to teach underage people the tactics groomers use. But then the ending was beyond depressing because she goes back with the guy So the ending loses all meaning. So after enduring both fear and horror all of it was for nothing. Just pure depression. It literally ruined our night.

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