What is the most illegal thing you have done 100% as an honest mistake?


Not really, I was fully justified when I did it.

Cop here. Got a call about some moron trying to avoid a road closure by trespassing along the train tracks.

Spoiler alert: his Toyota Camry didn't do any better through the 2 feet of snow on the train company's service road than it would have on the closed interstate. Let's get you back to a truck stop, dummy.

Contact dude, get an NCIC hit for an outstanding warrant on 7 counts of animal cruelty out of Florida.

Justice Boner engage. I'm full candy corn.

I'm usually super laid back but if you hurt dogs or kids I'm gonna make your life suck and I'm gonna enjoy doing it.

Hook him and book him. While I'm doing my paperwork dispatch calls me. "Bad news. Florida called. They're refusing to extradite."

I had to drive the prick back to his car at impound and let him go.

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