What was the most ridiculous thing you got in trouble for at school?

Not me, but my former classmate in second or first grade. He got one of his fingers painted (middle finger, which is a horrible finger to paint if you're only painting one finger), and he decided to show me, and a few of the people around him.

He uh- showed us the finger he painted by doing the middle finger to us, on accident. He got sent to the principal after attempting to explain what he was doing.

Convo went like this:

Classmate: "Hey, I painted my nail. Wanna see?"

Other classmate: "Sure!"

Classmate, lifting his middle finger up: "See?- Oh wait, crap-"

Teacher: "[Classmate's name] WHAT'RE YOU DOING?"

Classmate: "I WAS JUST TRYING TO SHOW THEM THAT I GOT MY NAIL PAINTED, LOOK-" lifts middle finger up again.

Teacher: "NO, GO TO THE OFFICE."

That's vaguely what I remember, but it's kind of dumb the teacher didn't listen to what he had to say, lol. I don't think he got into much trouble, though.

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