What is the nicest thing you've ever done that no one knows about?

The people who benefited will never know. I protected countless people from getting scammed. Some details changed for my privacy.

I reported someone for fraud. You know when you call somewhere to order something over the phone and you give the customer service representative your information? This guy I worked with was recording you talking and selling your credit card info online. I stopped that - he was dumb enough to tell me he was doing it. I reported him.

But, I worked in a "no snitching" kind of atmosphere. Very unprofessional (I could go on, but I'll leave it at that). So I didn't trust anyone I worked with on a regular basis to keep this a secret, not my supervisor, my manager, nothing. I emailed the company security team with proof (texts the fraudster texted me). He was immediately fired.

My supervisor knew someone who worked in security. They were very chummy, which is how he got the job. He ended up telling my entire team it was me out "ratted out" the fraudster. I explained the entire situation to his manager, the fraud, my reporting it, my supervisor's immature reaction. The manager set right to it - she was going to get him removed from our location and, upon my request, transfer me to a position of equal pay.

Her mom gets cancer and she has to take a leave. Another friend of my supervisor takes over her position the day after I'm transferred teams. My supervisor and him talk - the next day I'm in a position making $2/hour less.

I quit and found a different job.

I've posted this before and I'm not interested in suing because I don't think I'd win. The only things I can prove are my transfer and reporting the fraud. Other things were told to me by co workers and supported subtlies.

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