What pain are you hiding from everyone?

My medications for HIV hasn't worked and it's very close to a becoming full blown aids. I got messed with when I was a kid I think because I've only been with 3 women and they all tested negative, and yes they had paperwork to prove it ,with alot of low blows to me for having it. I'm only fucking 24.... I've told my mom and grandma and a couple friends I had HIV but I've told all them my medications made me undetectable and I've told them I feel better than I have in years...

So I planned a trip to the Philippines after covids over because, well ,,, I'm not gonna go through aids... I can't let my family or friends see me go out like that. They know I'm going to the Philippines but they don't know why.... I want to make this easy on everyone and I'm not sure how telling anyone would make it easier for them.

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